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Who’s who for birds

Birds can’t read and nor can some of us. That doesn’t seem to stop anyone from writing about these fascinating creatures. Whistler’s avian residents and visitors haven’t escaped being written about even if some of it is simply making it onto a list!

The original Checklist of Whistler Birds was compiled and printed about 1996 by Max Gotz, working with others such as Nancy Ricker and Vicky Troup. One-hundred-eight-seven species were listed, along with their "abundance" and "habitat" codes.

In 2003 Karl Ricker, Heather Baines and the author compiled a supplement to Max’s list, covering 58 additional species sighted since 1997 and perhaps some missed in earlier literature research. In the richness and fullness of time, perhaps the original and supplemental data can be combined in one publication.

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Nature Walk — Meet Stephan Perron on Wednesday, May 19th at 6 p.m. at the Parking Lot of Nairn Falls, North of Whistler to see the power of water. Kids are free and everyone else by donation.

Whistler Naturalists Speaker Series — How do they find their way around? Migration, Orientation and Navigation of Pacific Salmon with Dr. Kees Groot. Event will take place Wednesday, May 26th at 7:30 p.m. at MY Place (doors open at 7pm). Admission by donation, children free.

Monthly Bird Walk — The next bird walk will take place Saturday, June 5th. Join Whistler experts in the monthly update of our feathered locals and migrants.

Written by: Michael Thompson


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