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Whistler BioBlitz 2015 Sea-to-Sky Edition

Photo: James Holkko

The Whistler Naturalists’ 9th annual Whistler BioBlitz: Sea-to-Sky Edition was a huge success, thanks to the great weather and the quality and quantity of over 90 scientists and volunteers. BioBlitzes strive to achieve two goals: to increase public appreciation for biodiversity and also our knowledge of all the species that share the areas where we live. The 2015 BioBlitz again achieved those goals thanks to the efforts and support of many people and organizations. The highlight this year was our first Blitz in the Squamish Estuary. Thanks go to Judith Holm for her fantastic organizing and Vanessa Logie for guiding scientists to some fantastic spots. We also appreciate all the help from the SLRD and Stewardship Pemberton in putting together the Pemberton Blitz. Visiting scientists were blown away by the diversity of ecosystems they encountered: from the estuary in Squamish on Friday, to Whistler’s wetlands and alpine meadows on Saturday, then all the way up to Pemberton’s Riverside Wetlands on Sunday. Everyone left enthusiastic and keen to do it all again next year at our 10th annual (and Canada’s longest-running) BioBlitz. Thanks to everyone who dropped by Alpha Lake Park on Saturday to take part in the BioBlitz Nature Festival. On display were Whistler critters, plants and other life forms with scientists answering questions and providing lots of amazing info. Special thanks to Trish and the Whistler Library for their ‘Animal Crackers’ kids program that was a huge hit! Results from the weekend are now pouring in and we expect the total to be more than 600 species, of which many will be new records for our area. The results will be collated by the Whistler Biodiversity Project and available on-line within the next few weeks here. The Whistler Naturalists would like to thank all the scientists and local volunteers, plus our key sponsors: the Community Foundation of Whistler, AWARE, RMOW, SLRD, Whistler Blackcomb and Stewardship Pemberton. We would also like to thank all the organizations and businesses who contributed to the event: Whistler Museum, Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council, Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative, South Coast Bat Action Team, South Coast Conservation Program, Legends Hotel, Creekside Market, Nesters Market, Whistler Brewing, Riverside Café, Tourism Whistler, Avalanche Pizza, Tim Hortons, Janet Pashleigh, and Contour Promotions. Thanks to Elke Wind and Toadally Awesome Video for this great 2015 video:

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